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Action Stations

Action Stations - Home web site

Action Stations templates - PDF (left click to view, right click to 'save as').
New Vessel data - PDF

Ship Templates (Word format)

These templates are in Microsoft word format (try Wordpad), one per page (mostly). Some have a second page containing some form of specification - most of these specs were gleaned from the web, so should be verified.

First some general templates, then some large ships, and finaly some small ships. I have not split them into nationalities.

Large Ship
Small Ship

Flower Class Corvette
Hunt Type 2 Escort Destroyer - HMS Blackmore
Town Class Destroyer - HMS Broadway
Havant Class Destroyer - HMS Harvester
1917 Destroyer (V & W class)- HMS Vivien
Large Armed Merchant
Large Merchant
Medium Merchant
Small Merchant
Tribal Class Fleet Destroyer
Troop Ship (Liner)

LCM (six on a page)
MTB (Blank Template)