SODS Skirmish (Discontinued)

SODS Skirmish has died the death of many other 'small' local wargame events. Lack of interest, both from local wargamers and the club, led to its demise (sorry to all those who supported the event).

SODS Skirmish was first run in 2001 as a replacement for the Sandwell Skirmish.

Sandwell Skirmish ran for many years in West Bromwich. In 2000 the age of the venue became apparent when bits of the ceiling started falling on the trade stands! Sandwell Council had for some time been planning work on the hall, and we were notified that the hall would not be available for 2002 The Sandwell Skirmish was run as a cooperative, with Sandwell Council providing the premises and collecting the entrance fees, and a second party organising the show. For the past few years SODS were that second party.

The Selly Oak an District Society decided to take on the full running of the Skirmish and so changed the name to the "SODS Skirmish". At fairly short notice Paul Broadhurst of the SODS arranged a hall, booked tables, sorted out advertising, traders and demonstration games. At very short notice he was told that the tables were not available, and so spent a few frantic hours hunting round for tables that could be delivered the following day. For those who think that there is money to be made in running wargame shows - the SODS made 38 pence profit on the 2001 show. With more time to prepare and, hopefully, fewer problems in 2002 we should convert pence to pounds, and add a little to our club funds.

It is planned to run the show again in 2002 at the same venue (Leasowes Sports Centre, Kent Road, Halesowen - 01384 816287 ) map. If you have a GPS it is at 52:27:40N 02:01:29W.

Paul Broadhursh has left the club, and the organisation of this event has fallen to John Hadley. We were hoping to have less stress in the organisation this year, but Paul's leaving has meant that the new organiser had to get up to speed with contacts, advertising, etc. and things are just as rushed as last year.

If you would like to display a 'flyer' or pre-show handout they can be downloaded (in word/wordpad format) from the flyer or handout links.

If you would like to book a demo game then there is a form (again in word/wordpad format) here.

Traders for 2002 include

Andy Dumelow  
Conflict Miniatures  
Dream Dealers  
Ever Victorious Miniatures  
Ground Zero Games  
Grubby Tanks  
Little Green Man  
Mr Models  
My Miniatures  
Nearly New Figures  
Simply Scenics  

If you are interested in having a trade stand, or putting on a demonstration game then please contact either:

John Hadley e-mail
  Phone 07768 322138