About John Hadley

About John Hadley

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 John Hadley Joined Lucas Engineering & Systems in 1974 as a Computer Operator, helping to run their IBM 360 mainframes.  Over the next couple of years he moved to the more specialised operations area of "Online Systems", eventually doing an IMS Operations Co-ordination function.

He moved to Lucas Aerospace as a programmer to work on the Aerospace IMS on-line systems.  By 1979 he was a Programming Team Leader, and programmed in PL/1, Cobol and RPG.

In the early 1980s he became a Section Leader and had more responsibility for system design.  He also helped to run the Lucas Aerospace Induction Routine (LAIR) for graduates joining the Management Services departments within Lucas.

Over the next few years he worked on IBM mainframes, System/36, System/38, Northern Telecom minis, and PCs.  He built his first LAN in the mid 80s using Server Manager.

In the early 1990s he decided to start his own company to provide custom hardware and software services, with the emphasis placed on service.  It soon became apparent that the hardware market was changing, with the cost of retail components falling to match the wholesale costs, and it was decided that it was no longer possible to provide a sufficient level of hardware service, and so custom systems were phased out.

In recent years he has spent most of his time helping to support systems, writing software, and providing network administration for companies such as Rover Finance, Rover, Sears Childrenswear, and Carlton Television.  This work has been mainly in the PC and network areas. Between 1996 and 2005 he installed and then provided support for the Newsroom systems within ITV Central (Central News).

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