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January 2008. We have been showing Rhoni (Khados Lucy Locket) for almost a year, she only managed a third in one show (the TTBOC championship show), but that was enough to qualify her for Crufts. Chris has submitted the entry and, all things being equal, we should have an enjoyable, if frantic, day out at the N.E.C. in March. Rhoni is unlikely to be placed, but she will have been shown at Crufts!
We have always been and 'animal house'. Over the last twenty years or so the cat population has varied between 2 and 5 - currently 4. We lost our blue Persian (Sidney) to a long battle with an immune system problem towards the end of 2007 - the same night Rhoni got her Kennel Club Silver award.
Rhoni is taking her Kennel Club 'Good Citizen' Bronze, Silver, and Gold awards. All of the books say that Tibetan Terriers pick things up quickly - you have to read on to find out that they also have to be very well motivated to remember what they have been taught.
November 2006 - Rhoni arrived. Rhoni is an 8-week-old Tibetan Terrier. If you don't know the breed they are about 17 inches high (at the shoulder), long haired (think of an Old English Sheepdog), strong minded (read pig headed), and loveable.
Second quarter of 2006 - retire.
Since leaving ITV Central John has mainly been working on PC deployment projects.
The last project at Carlton TV (after the merger with Granada) was as a 'Technical Co-ordinator' on the project to rationalise ITV Central. During the project life-cycle the studios in Nottingham were closed and a new newsroom setup in an industrial unit; the Birmingham studios were rebuilt to remove the post-production facilities and make one floor available for sub-letting.
John Hadley has been working on various projects at Carlton Television since 1994.

John Hadley had projects as a "Desktop Analyst" supporting the several hundred users in Birmingham, Nottingham, and sites in London.

John Hadley worked to support the Novell network Administrator, and was also responsible for the running of the backups (Novell, NT, VAX, and UNIX).

In late 1995 John Hadley was asked to take on an upgrade of the Newsroom Systems that was being undertaken as part of a move to a new studio complex.

The studio move provided Carlton with the oportunity to move from analogue to digital broadcast systems. The new Newsroom systems were to be integrated into these new systems, providing not only facilities to write scripts, but also to edit video footage, and to control broadcast equipment to put the News "to air".

The Newsroom systems were to be installed on Windows NT servers, with NT workstation "video servers" to provide the moving pictures.

Projects carried out since 1995 include:

  • Install Newstar and Editstar in the new Birmingham studios
  • Install Newstar in the Nottingham Studios
  • Install Newstar in the Abingdon Studios
  • Various Studio redesignes
  • Work with Carlton Interactive on the News web sites
  • Install uplink to ITV+ Digital Teletext
  • Write VB code for capturing and converting video for the web
  • CITV Set
  • Weather for Carlton Central and HTV regions
  • Assist with the upgrade these systems to a new generation Newsroom system (final project).
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